From Burnout to Brilliance

5 days

more hustle

Are you a fire-fueled, impact-making female entrepreneur

who sometimes 
feels restrained by your monthly cycle, like a stallion held by invisible reins?

Does your fearless pursuit of purpose and world-altering impact occasionally hit roadblocks,

whether in the rhythm of your body, bouts of anxiety, or moments of exhaustion?


~   You’re on top of the world, proud of how your business is changing lives. But then, once a month, those pesky doubts start creeping in, whispering that maybe it’s time to throw in the towel.

 Your creativity and productivity are through the roof, perfectly aligned with your vision – until they’re not. All of a sudden, you’re being hard on yourself, feeling lazy, undisciplined, and stuck in a cycle of procrastination. Managing both your physical state and mental focus becomes a real struggle…

 And what’s really frustrating? Most days, you’re a force to be reckoned with, effortlessly conquering every task in your business. But as your period gets closer, it’s like clockwork – whether it’s the throbbing migraine, that nagging lower belly ache, or the constant brain fog that puts you on pause for a week (or even longer!), bringing your business to an unwelcome halt.




~   You work tirelessly every day, often ignoring your natural feminine rhythms.

~   You try to tackle your business tasks at the wrong times of the month and it just saps your energy.

~   You bought into the belief that achieving greater financial success, acquiring more free time, and making a substantial impact means to push yourself and work in the linear masculine manner.

But what you really need is to decode your unique body rhythmstap into unexplored depths of your cycle and harness your unique feminine superpowers to elevate your business and get the results you’ve always dreamt about.


Join me for the “From Burnout to Brilliance Challenge” and let me help you transform the intricate relationship between your cycle, your body and your business so that you can soar high, double your revenues and save half of your working time!


Would you like to…

♦  Have boundless energy for your business, every single day, no exceptions?

♦  Gracefully navigate your emotional swings, without it ever denting your business performance?

♦  Find your bank accounts growing, thanks to a clear mind and a healthy, positive body?

♦  Tap into your ever-changing superpowers, harnessing heightened creativity and intuition, improved communication skills, laser-focused determination, and turbocharged productivity?

♦  Gain crystal-clear clarity on what to do, when to do it, and how to achieve more than you ever imagined?

  Have PMS and painful period symptoms become much milder or vanish altogether?


If you answered YES, then you’re in the right place,
because this is exactly what we’re going to cover in this 5-day transformative training!


Here’s what you’ll learn:

DAY 1: Hacking Your Time Management >>> Uncover the key mistake that holds women entrepreneurs back from achieving more in half the time


DAY 2: Embracing the Racing Car Girl Phase >>> Acquire strategies to effortlessly navigate 10 tasks simultaneously without feeling overwhelmed


DAY 3: Embodying the Communication Queen Phase >>> Praise yourself even when computer work is a challenge – it’s your current superpower


DAY 4: Unleashing the Creative Witch Phase >>> Discover techniques to write a book in just 10 days and learn to tame your mood swings at the same time

DAY 5: Harness the Mighty Oracle Phase >>> Transform your slowest time of the month into a period of peak productivity and hightened intuition


In these 5 transformative days you will:

✓ Say goodbye to low-energy days that hinder your business.
✓ Tame wild mood swings that can make you feel like giving up.
✓ Conquer painful periods that hold back your progress.
✓ Banish PMS symptoms, migraines, and brain fog that cloud your success.

And you will open yourself to:

✓ Boundless energy.
✓ Unstoppable motivation and creativity.
✓ Unprecedented productivity and efficiency.
✓ Liberating half of your working time.
✓ Embracing business success every day of the month!

Make the impact you’ve always dreamed of,
harnessing your unique feminine superpowers!


In summary, you receive:

♥ 5 value-packed trainings to help you master your cycle superpowers and maintain your new feminine mindset that will help you to be in flow every day of your month and have a profitable business at the same time!


♥  5 incredible workbooks to guide you in following through, unpacking and integrating all the information.


♥  A variety of techniques that you can apply to your business right away.


I’m Dana-Sofie Šlancarová, and I proudly carry the title of a Cycle Success Catalyst.

As a serial entrepreneur, I understand that in the world of business, clarity of mind, emotional balance, and ability to take efficient and consistent actions are non-negotiable for achieving the results and impact we desire. 

However, it wasn’t always like this in my life and business. It was my painful periods that month after month hindered the success I so desperately craved. Every month, the cramps, debilitating pain in the lower belly, brain fog and inability to focus stopped me from working for several days.

And not to mention those wild emotional rollercoasters! There were moments when my energy and emotions fluctuated so much – I felt completely lost. 

I had no idea why this was happening, no grasp of the patterns, and no clue how to consistently harness my creativity and productivity. Like many women, I tried the “work even harder” and “push through like a man” approach, only to realize it was leading me straight into more problems – right into a burnout!

Thankfully, when I face challenges, giving up is never an option, it’s quite the opposite. So I searched high and low and eventually, until I found a solution – my female cycle didn’t have to be the saboteur of my dreams. On the contrary. It could be leveraged as a source of power, energy, clarity, creativity, and yes, even money!

This was the spark that ignited the birth of my Cycle Success Method

I’ve been systematically refining this method for over 15 years. It’s been my personal laboratory, thoroughly examined in both my business and my life. 

During this time I’ve also had the privilege of helping thousands of women in Europe and in the Czech & Slovak Republics through my project, Cyklická žena® (The Cyclic Woman). This isn’t just theory; it’s been field-tested, addressing real challenges faced by real women. I’ve published over 5 books on this subject, hundreds of articles and presented it anywhere from interviews on TV, business conferences, to firms or corporate settings.

I deeply believe that women entrepreneurs can achieve their desired outcomes in their own unique feminine way, without the need to be working hard, pushing themselves or neglecting their monthly bodily needs.